The Poke Story

Coming from a wide array of backgrounds, a true love and passion for interesting eats is what brought the Poke Poke team together.We’re foodies – we travel and search to find new places, all of the time, and realized that our beautiful hometown of Detroit is in dire need of a neighborhood Poke restaurant. Our concept was created on the basis that it is imperative to add fresh and nutritious-packed items to your diet while still pleasing your palette.

Fresh, fast and delicious – words that we genuinely desire to share with each guest who enjoys our bowls. Poke Poke is committed to serving exceptional and of the highest quality raw fish while still being laid-back in our chill setting. We understand the importance of superior ingredients and aim to provide a unique twist on the popular and highly acclaimed traditional Hawaiian dish. #eatpokepoke #sushiunrolled


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